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22 Nov 2018


Lexus Malaysia took the wraps off two of its stunning future models whilst underlining a future driven by technology and craftsmanship at the KL International Motor Show 2018.

The stylish Lexus UX and elegant seventh-generation Lexus ES that were previewed at the show joined a host of cutting-edge models including the Lexus LS+ Concept Car, signaling Lexus Malaysia’s intention to expand its platform of highly advanced luxury offerings in the country.

“The inspired technology of Lexus vehicles today brings with it unsurpassed luxury and premium quality in every segment, creating platforms that are not only stunning to admire, but also to experience,” said President of Lexus Malaysia Mr Ravindran K.

Lexus Malaysia’s showcase for this year’s event included the Lexus RX Special Edition that has received interior and exterior updates, the highly-popular Lexus NX and the perennial head-turner, the LC500.

Visitors were also treated to a unique artistic installation known as the Lexus Crafted Parts Box. It features components from Lexus vehicles elaborately cut and uniformly painted to showcase the detail and craftsmanship of each Lexus component that’s good enough to form an artwork. The full scale installation can be found in INTERSECT BY LEXUS located in Tokyo, Dubai and New York City.

“I believe that the Lexus Malaysia exhibits at this year’s KL International Motor Show provides a valuable insight into the finesse and craftsmanship by Lexus engineers who have created some of the most impressive machines in their respective segments. It is truly a testament of the tagline ‘experience amazing’ where the fine details simply amaze,” said Deputy Chairman of Lexus Malaysia Mr. Akio Takeyama.

Lexus UX

The Lexus UX or Urban Crossover (UX) is a compact SUV and the first entry for Lexus into this ever-growing segment. Built on the new Global Architecture – Compact (GA-C) platform, the Lexus UX boasts a high level of body rigidity while its lowest centre of gravity in the segment helps ensure that the Lexus UX offers drivers a dynamic and sure-footed handling akin to that of a sporty coupe.

From a design standpoint, the all-new Lexus UX appeals as a compact crossover with a difference. Its strong and bold front end that features a new Spindle Grille design is fully complemented by a sleek and condensed roofline that slopes gradually towards the rear akin to a sports coupe.

To create an even sportier outlook, the designers gave the UX a unique tail lamp that is not only aesthetically-strong, it doubles as a spoiler akin to a race car’s wing providing additional downforce and stability to the vehicle.

Development of the Lexus UX was led by Chief Designer Ms. Chika Kako, the first female chief engineer in the history of Toyota Motor Corporation.  With the UX, Ms Kako sought to break the mould of conformity by creating an SUV with a strong, stylish, distinctive and dynamic design.

Inside, the Lexus UX features fresh and inviting design elements. New materials such as the Japanese paper Washi texture features strongly on the trim while the leather seats feature a Sashiko quilted upholstery, giving it greater distinction and wear resistance. Overall, the interior design of the new Lexus UX intends to provide occupants with a highly inviting and pleasing atmosphere.

The driving position and controls have been developed to provide the driver with maximum control over his environment. The largest heads-up display in its class, a new 7-inch fully-digital combination meter cluster and a 10.3-inch EMV display in the centre console provides easy control over the navigation system, 8-speaker Lexus Premium Audio system and other comfort functions.

Powered by a new 2.0-litre engine that produces 169hp, the UX also features yet another Lexus first in its transmission system that offers real-world driving pleasure. This new gearbox uses a mechanical 1st gear to provide spirited acceleration from start yet but once it is on the move, the CVT then assumes the role, providing the Lexus UX with a quieter drive and impressive fuel economy.

As with the latest generation of Lexus models, the Lexus UX features a host of new active safety features under the Lexus Safety System+. This package includes such technology as Pre-collision System(PCS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) among others.

Lexus ES

The seventh-generation Lexus ES epitomizes the ideal executive sedan with an impressive arsenal of technological innovations packaged in an elegant yet dynamic design. Everything about the all-new Lexus ES has been developed with luxury, comfort, safety and seamless motoring in mind.

The all-new design from the ground up features an elegant, sharp and graceful outlook that accentuates the Lexus design language with the Spindle Grille. An all-new drivetrain that matches a new 2.5-litre powerplant mated to a direct-shift 8-speed automatic transmission (yet another Lexus first) offers linear and quiet acceleration worthy of its luxury sedan status.

Whether you choose to drive the all-new Lexus ES or prefer to be driven, you will always be in command of one of the most accommodating saloons in its class. For the driver, there’s a highly-intuitive information system providing all the driving parameters through a large 12.3-inch EMV display and a 7-inch TFT full digital combination meter. A Heads-up Display – the largest in its class – reduces the amount of eye movement required thereby making driving safer.

Rear passengers in the all-new Lexus ES will be able to luxuriate in a new power reclining seat while controls for the sunshade, audio system and air-conditioning are available at the touch of a button on the panel built into the central armrest.

The all-new Lexus ES is also equipped with the Lexus Safety System+, Lexus’ state-of-the-art active safety system that combines various high-tech features that aims to prevent or minimize the severity of an accident.

Lexus LS+ Concept.

The Lexus LS+ Concept is an advanced yet dignified flagship saloon with a far more important role in the world of automotive safety that can be imagined. This concept car’s futuristic design with its sharp lines and stunning shoulders belies the fact that under the skin, it houses a plethora of safety innovations, primary among which is its automated driving system.

Developed on the Integrated Safety Management Concept where everyone can enjoy safe and smooth mobility while maintaining the fun of driving, the Lexus LS+ Concept has been a key contributor towards the vision of a world free of traffic casualties.

Lexus engineers based the future of automated driving on this car with a planned application by 2020. Using AI and a host of advanced data that the vehicle is able to receive, the plan will be for a future where cars will be able to join and leave highways safely and efficiently. Using the Highway Teammate application, the automated driving system will further assist the driver in lane-changing maneouvres, overtaking or cruising without removing the pleasure of driving away from the driver.

Honest Egg

If you’ve ever wondered whether the eggs you’ve put away in the fridge is safe for consumption, then the winners of the Lexus Design Awards 2017 in Milan might just have the solution for you.

Called the Honest Egg, their design involves a colour pigment that is placed on the egg shell. Simply by looking at its colour, you will be able to determine if the egg is safe for consumption or should be disposed of.