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17 Oct 2017

Lexus Cup 2017 Concludes: Malaysian team returns as three-time reigning Country Champions

The Perfect Drive on Road and on the Course

Kuala Lumpur, 17 October 2017 – There is an adage about sports: the smaller the ball, the more thrilling the game. This holds true because golf is a sport that requires concentration, precision and technique; and on the greens, players embark on the endless pursuit of perfection to achieve that perfect drive.

This year, Lexus hosted a group of owners from various countries in Asia Pacific to the prestigious golf course of Montgomerie Links, located in the vibrant city of Da Nang, Vietnam, where these experienced golfers pitted against one another at the Lexus Cup 2017. The recently concluded Lexus Cup 2017 saw the ecstatic return of the Malaysian contingent – a team of four made up of winners from the Malaysian chapter of the Lexus Golf Invitational 2017 which took place in earlier August – as they brought home the championship and invaluable experiences to remember.

The Malaysian team, which comprised of Mr. Hoe Kim Sun, Mr. Lim Beng Hor, Mr. Ong Chee Chang and Mr. Siah Chong Yee, ruled the show by defeating its Asia Pacific competitors, capturing the winners’ position and therefore making this Malaysia’s third consecutive team championship at the Lexus Cup. Although most of the tournament was graced by beautiful weather, the golfers still had to brave through occasional light showers and performed admirably.

“My sincerest congratulations to team Malaysia for bringing home the Lexus Cup 2017 championship! Your refined marksmanship and skill in the game have proven that this was truly deserved. We couldn’t possibly be more proud of you for representing Lexus Malaysia and bringing home this prestigious award,” said Mr Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of Lexus Malaysia.

The Country Champion award was not the only recognition clinched. On top of the team category, the Malaysian Mr. Hoe Kim Sun emerged as the Net Champion, turning his time at the tournament into a feat. A citizen of Johor Bahru, proprietor of his personal business, and proud Lexus owner, Mr. Hoe who was all smiles added that although he has participated in other golf tournaments, he has never experienced one like the Lexus Cup.

“I never expected to win so when my name was announced, you can imagine my thrill! Prior to the tournament, I was only looking forward to enjoying the good game and the entire Lexus experience. The hospitality that we received, from exquisite dining experience to magnificent accommodation, were unprecedented and very well thought through. I’d like to earnestly thank Lexus Malaysia for the amazing trip, and I am definitely looking forward to future Lexus golf tournaments and events,” said Mr Hoe Kim Sun.

Bringing the golf excursion to a differentiated level, Lexus golfers were additionally treated to a golf clinic hosted by Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) golfers Brooke Henderson, Alison Lee, and Jessica Korda. Mastering techniques from the best in golf was arguably the next best experience for these Lexus owners. Partners and spouses of participants were thought of as well, as they were indulged with a creative Coffee Art Workshop and a Food Plating Workshop by celebrity chef Audra Morrice. A finalist in Masterchef Australia 2012, Morrice taught participants the craftsmanship in the culinary world.

As always, the Omotenashi culture was Lexus’ top priority at the Lexus Cup 2017, aiming to provide all guests with an episode that will be remembered for years to come. “To us at Lexus, the meaning of Omotenashi goes much deeper than just providing outstanding hospitality. As we continue to infuse this theme into all of our services and events, we take pleasure in getting to know each of our customers, rewarding them with the best, and taking them on special adventures that is uniquely Lexus. It is our standard principle that even after a sale is made, the good relationship we have with our customers is sustained and remembered,” said Mr. Ravindran Kurusamy, President of Lexus Malaysia.

Over the years, Lexus Asia Pacific Division (LAPD) takes pleasure in hosting the Lexus Cup, an exclusive annual golf tournament complete with unparalleled hospitality for Asia Pacific Lexus owners. It is one of the ways Lexus exudes its spirit of selfless hospitality, which directs the Lexus brand to connect with its customers on a level much deeper than just business-customer relationship.

In many ways, golf, also known as a ‘gentleman’s game’, echoes the Lexus brand and all it represents. The expert technique employed in the game reflects the true craftsmanship exhibited the brand’s engineering marvels; while the elating feeling of a hole-in-one emulates the adrenaline rush felt in the driver seat of a Lexus. Embracing this connection, Lexus brings amazing experiences from on the road to on the greens for owners to truly immerse themselves.

In the glorious game of golf, there is probably no better feeling than a perfect drive – that moment when the ball comes right out of the middle of the clubface, speeding off like a bullet before returning to earth hundreds of yards away. Now some would liken this feeling to the rush of sensation of a perfect drive in a well-crafted Lexus.