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06 Apr 2016


Shah Alam 6 Apr 2016 - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today announced a global recall campaign for certain Lexus ES and RX models concerning a brake actuator issue. The recall is for models which are equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking system (ABS), Traction Control System (TRC), and Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC), all of which are controlled by the brake actuator.

There is a possibility that some brake actuators may have been assembled with a pump containing an O-ring that is damaged in such a way that the brake fluid pressure may not be properly controlled during ABS, TRC, and VSC activation. This could cause a loss of vehicle stability control and increase the risk of an accident.

In Malaysia, only the ES model is affected as the RX models do not have the issue. The ES models affected are those manufactured from September 2015 to February 2016. According to information from Toyota Motor Corporation, around 90 units were imported by Lexus Malaysia and these will be recalled under a Special Service Campaign for this issue.

Other Lexus models sold by the company are not affected.

All costs related to the Special Service Campaign will be borne by Lexus Malaysia.

Lexus Malaysia will notify owners of the affected vehicles directly and those who do not receive any notification or who wish to clarify if their car is affected can call the Lexus free-phone at 1800-8-LEXUS (53987) or contact the authorised Lexus dealer they bought their vehicle from.