Lexus Certified Pre-Owned

Handpicked for Quality

Take pleasure in the unrivalled level of hospitality and attention to detail discerning drivers have come to anticipate from us. Owning a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle means you can look forward to the same class of service and expectations as a new-car buyer. 

Enjoy stellar service which includes fair and professional car price evaluation, strict vehicle inspection system, reconditioning of pre-owned vehicles into a new car, after-sales warranty, and the same level of courtesy offered to pre-owned owners as new car buyers.

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    Every Lexus CPO that you see is a well-maintained car

    1. We do not take in cars that have been submerged in water
    2. We do not take in cars that have been involved in a serious accident
    3. We do not take in cars whose odometer has been tampered with
    4. We do not take in cars of unknown origin


    Under the arguably most stringent certification system in the industry, Lexus CPO cars that have been pre-selected by the strict car-source management will still have to pass the strict 134-point interior-to-exterior Lexus Certified inspection:

    • Exterior
    • Interior fittings
    • Luggage compartment
    • Engine compartment
    • Under the vehicle area
    • Actual road test


    Complete Inside-to-Outside Reconditioning Principle

    • Genuine Lexus spare parts all the way
    • Pro-actively change the engine oil and oil filter
    • Ensure brake pad thickness is at least 50%
    • Ensure tire threads are at least 4 mm deep
    • Ensure the battery is in good condition
    • Ensure the GPS map is updated
    • Complete exterior touch up or re-spray and interior detailing
    • Pro-actively complete the warranty obligations if the next warranty mileage is within 3,000 km


    In the spirit of honest and customer-centric operations, we adopt a professional price determination system. We create a transparent buyer-seller 2-party Used Car Appraisal Report that protects the rights and interests of Lexus owners. The buyback price of a car is determined with objective criteria such as:

    • Prevailing market price
    • Value of merchandise
    • Reconditioning expenses and others


    We have a dedicated Lexus CPO Corner at Lexus Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya that offers Lexus CPO customers a luxurious car shopping experience - both
    spacious and relaxing, the moment they step inside.